The Town of Codale

Population: 6,430
Size: 106 Acres
Purpose: Mining
Main Races: Dwarves and Humans

The town is inhabited by mostly humans and dwarves while some deep gnomes and elves have also made their home there.

The deep gnomes tend to deal mostly with the gems and work with elves to create beautiful jewelry that keep the most of the noble residence living the good life. The rest of the noble are either politicians or actually own the mines and smelting businesses. A lot of the hunting and leather working is done by the rogue elves that find themselves not welcome home or just prefer the less elegant life style that comes with a mining town.

While the town always seems to have a black plume of smoke, the banging of hammer, and the rough grunts of men working. Those that show up and work will usually find themselves among friends in the local inns and taverns once the workday is over. If you want to find favor without putting in a hard day’s labor, buying a round is never a bad way to start a conversation.

The western side of Codale which faces away from the mountain has a strong tall wall made out of stone. There is one single great entrance that is used for the transporting of goods. There is also one smaller door towards the south side that allows hunters, trappers, explorers to leave without the need for opening the giant double hung main entrance.

The wall is there to protect them from the goblins that live in out cropping of the mountain side as well as any other creature that may wonder across their village. Every 100 feet there is a giant ballista that are old but maintained. They are in place in case another dragon attacks the town to steal the hidden treasure that is rumored to be buried deep in the connected abandoned mines.


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