Nathor Ironguard

Stoic. Proud. Strong. Fighting along side him is the safest place you can be.


A soldier’s posture, he stands at 6’2", but seems even larger. An imposing form of muscle and scar, a deep and resonating voice that demands respect – sometimes fear. He has lost no stamina or agility throughout his long life, a seasoned warrior at the peak of his skill. No games. No weakness. A rare smile for those he trusts.


He doesn’t talk much about the old days, but you know that he was once nobility. A high ranking military commander no doubt, but he did not rest on any laurels. You’ve not seen many, if any, fighters as deft with a blade, nor as fearless with a shield. He carries scars on his body, he does not hide them. They are his pride, his past – his warning.

Nathor Ironguard

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